PolicyGenius Review: Benefits of Independent Insurance Broker Comparison Shopping

PolicyGenius review is out to help you find the best and most cost effective insurance policies. “policygenius” was created by Christopher Freville, a certified public accountant, who used his knowledge of insurance jargon to put together an easy to use web site that helps policyholders find the best policy and best rates for their needs. PolicyGenius does not sell any policies, only guides policyholders through the process of finding the best coverage for their needs at the best price. PolicyGenius review is full of great tips on finding low cost health insurance.

policygenius review

“policygenius” is America’s top online insurance market, with headquarters in New York and Durham, North Carolina. Our mission is simply to assist individuals get affordable health insurance right from their computer, by making it so easy for them to know their options, shop for quotes, and purchase a policy, all from one location. The policygenius interface allows users to find and compare quotes from all sorts of insurers. Once they have found an insurer with a good quote they can fill out the online application form and start the application process.

After six weeks, policyholders will receive a handful of life insurance quotes to review. These quotes are from various insurers, including Aetna, Delta, Assurant, Celtic, Cigna, Fortis, Golden Rule, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, and Unicare. Each company will offer a different level of coverage at different premiums. The six week period is used to allow users to review the quotes and make an informed decision about which policy is best for their needs.

If a policyholder chooses not to purchase a policy during the six-week time frame, that person will not receive a single quote from any of the insurers during that time. This feature is designed to save time and give people peace of mind by only pulling quotes from those companies offering the lowest prices. This gives the policyholder a sense of security when reviewing quotes. So for anyone who has ever been turned down for term life insurance coverage, you can forget about being turned down by term life insurance comparison sites.

Policygenius takes car insurance quotes much further than most insurance websites. Car insurance quotes offered through other websites are typically just offered from large national agencies like GEICO and Progressive. However, policygenius offers car insurance quotes from up to thirty different agencies including local ones like your local GM or Nissan. This allows you to be more specific in your search for life insurance policies by narrowing down your insurance quotes based on location. For instance if you live in New York and need a car insurance policy based on New York state laws you can do a quick search by entering “New York car insurance” as your location. You will then be presented with a listing of quotes from up to thirty different insurance companies. For more information on car insurance, check out Joywallet’s Policygenius Reviews.

Another benefit of using the policygenius comparison engine is that you will be able to see quotes from all thirty auto insurance companies. By seeing a wide variety of quotes you will be able to compare them in an effort to locate the policy that best meets your needs at the lowest price. If you go through an agent you may be dealing with a one size fits all company. When doing your comparison shopping, you will want to find a policy that caters to your individual needs because each person is different.

One of the benefits of using the service is that you will be provided with one of the most comprehensive and complete informational packages on the Internet. You will be provided with information on the a.m. best rating of various health related problems as well as medical conditions that can negatively impact an individual’s chances of obtaining insurance policies. This includes information on medical conditions that have been diagnosed as having the potential for causing a claim as well as those that have been determined to not do so. One of the most significant benefits of these services is that you will be provided with complete details on the financial benefits that you may receive if you were to make a claim on a policy. These packages are created in such a way as to give you the most current and accurate information possible.

There are other benefits that you will be offered when using the policygenius comparison shopping engine as well. You will receive information on the profitability of various insurance policies as well as the various types of policies that are available from the different companies. You will also receive information on the various discounts that are available when it comes to certain insurance policies. Using this service will provide you with valuable and reliable information that will prove to be invaluable in your efforts to obtain affordable, quality, independent insurance policies.