Worst Ever Makeup Fails

Scary Makeup that horrifies instead of beautifies!

#1 Fake Tan

What happens when you drink too much Orange Tang all at once, it doesn’t look healthy.

#2 White Powder..

She apparently didn’t know who she was gonna hook-up with on this night.

#3 Confusing Makeup!

Who is wearing who? Is the face wearing makeup or the makeup wearing the face. . . Confused? Makeup will do this. It messes literally with your head..

#4 Giving Smooches

She wants to kiss and spread “the love”, and wonders why everyone is running the other way? Poor girl.

#5 Heavy Makeup

You can’t help but wonder briefly, “Will she eat us?”

#6 Color Galore

Some birds apparently REALLY want to be birds..

#7 Alien Amongst Us..

Green people from Mars, are apparently very friendly.

#8 Vampira’s Family

Didn’t you know, Elvia had a Amerasian daughter? Like mother like daughter!

#9 BFFs Night Out

Girl’s like to be unique and never dress alike when partying. Why should it be different when it comes to makeup?

#10 Eyebrow Fail

If you want people looking at you to feel drunk, double eyebrows should do the trick.

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