Women Logic

#1 Bikinis vs. Underwear

Most women realize that their bikini is kind of exactly the same basic shape as their underwear, but who cares? There are so many great styles and colors available that this knowledge seems somehow irrelevant, and the desire to buy more bikinis remains strong.

#2 “Oops – I didn’t realize you didn’t want me to talk about that! I told them everything.”

Women love to talk, but eventually they might say too much. Sorry!

#3 “Can I have a few?”

Men: Always order a size larger than you wanted on your fries if your lady is present. Even if she doesn’t eat very many, you will still probably be glad to eat the extra amount yourself.

#4 “Help me to feel hot all the time”

A man can’t just tell a woman that she’s pretty once, that simply will not do! At minimum he must remind her that she’s beautiful on a weekly basis.

#5 “It was LIKE it actually happened!”

Men: Just hug her, apologize profusely, and be supportive. Next day you can try out the same ploy and see how she handles it.

#6 Louis C.K. is wise

Louis always sees the worst in himself and others. We aren’t saying he’s wrong, however!

#7 Ain’t it the truth?

If it weren’t a fact, this chart wouldn’t exist!

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