Why You Shouldn’t Date Hot Girls

#1 She’ll Send This To Everyone

Are you sure you can handle this? Because all of her male followers sure will.

#2 She’ll Break You Heart

Can you handle all this hotness?

#3 Hippie Chick

She’s just smokin hot. Every guy would want her.

#4 After A Run

If she looks this good sweaty, can you handle her all dressed up?

#5 Skimpy

That’s a whole lot of woman to keep under your thumb.

#6 Toned and Taut

Can you keep the other guys away?

#7 Sexiness Personified

You shouldn’t let her go to the gym without you.

#8 Early Morning

As long as this selfie is to just you, maybe you’ll be okay.

#9 A Day At The Beach

Hope you’re not the jealous type.

#10 Bend And Stretch

Build her a home gym to keep the other guys away.

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