When Hot Lava meets Cold Ocean

Like fellow photographer and business partner Tom Kualii, Bruce Omori captures hot lava as it explodes against a cool Hawaiian shore. Shattering into a million piece, the rocks go on to form the famous black sand the Big Island is known for, or in essence, a new beach. As Omori states, “Lava exits a tube and flows into the sea, creating another new black sand beach and delta of land, forever altering the Big Island’s coastline. This truly remarkable and dynamic scene is mesmerizing to witness, let alone shoot.”

In the stellar shot, above, taken on the early morning of January 1, you can spot his friend Tom with his tripod and camera, standing precariously, right on the edge of a cliff. As Omori states about that fleeting moment, “A few weeks after this shot was taken, the ledge Tom was standing on, and the spot where I stood to capture this image, both fell into the sea.”

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