What Your Plans For New Year’s Eve Say About You

Won’t Decide On Plans Until New Year’s Eve

You’re like the free agent athlete making a highly anticipated decision to sign somewhere. Do your thing, procrastinators. You were in the store scavenging for a turkey the night before Thanksgiving, you shopped last minute and paid extra to have Christmas gifts shipped hastily, and there you’ll be, hours before the big moment, completely undecided on what to do.

A House Party

You still speak to a lot of people from high school, and surely several of them will be present at this gathering. When people wrote “Don’t ever change” in your yearbook, you were like “Ok!” and you’ve followed through on fulfilling their wishes. That, or you’re in a relationship, and you’re joining a group of many other couples, congregating to be all couple-y.

Get Very Drunk And Spend January 1st Lying Around In Agony, Trying To Recover

If you plan on getting wasted, you’re stressed about life and plan to do some self sabotaging. The question is, are you self sabotaging because you’re stressed, or are you stressed because you’re self sabotaging? You want to make some poor choices, and the elixir of justification that is alcohol will allow you to do so with a fogged conscience. That, or you just want to rage really hard for a night.

A Nightclub

You like attention. You intend to set a strict formal dress code for yourself, and anyone going out with you that night, because there’ll be a lot of photos taken for social media, and let’s face it — ties, vests, heels and dresses simply don’t go unnoticed on Instagram. However, your New Year’s resolution was probably to be more financially responsible, but you’ll fail that, literally the instant the clock strikes 12, as you celebrate the New Year by sipping from a vastly overpriced glass of champagne. That, or one of your friends made these plans and you got dragged into them.

A Popular Bar

Same as the nightclub people, except you can dress casually and wear your cardigan or whatever.

A Dive Bar

You’re a regular and you’d be at this bar, on this night, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, or an ordinary Friday evening. Nobody tries out random dive bars for the first time on such a festive night, unless they want to avoid crowds and enjoy cheaper drinks… Wait, that actually sounds magnificent.

Time’s Square

You’re the type of person who camps outside of Best Buy for a TV on Black Friday while the average person is at home, thinking, “Nah, not worth it.” That, or this is on your bucket list, along with other predictable dreams, like a honeymoon in Hawaii or going to Coachella.

The Hookah Bar

You’re apprehensive about the new year. You just want to sit and talk to someone about how your past year has gone, how you want next year to go, what you think about this thing, and what you feel about that thing, all whilst smoking nature’s candy flavored vapors. Not saying you’re a narcissist, but you’ll shamelessly use a friend as your therapist for the evening.

The Movie Theater

You hate long lines and overcrowded places. You’re the type of person who grocery shops late at night to avoid being amongst hordes of humans, and that’s why you’re going to choose the evening everyone is partying to sit wherever you want, in a desolate theater, and indulge in some cinema. You might even rest your feet up on the seat in front of you, if your immediate life resolutions are to be comfortable and look cool as heck.

Watching The Ball Drop At Home On TV

You’re not like The Grinch Who Hates New Year’s Eve or anything, but you’re definitely a homebody-type who gets kind of excited when plans are canceled, because that means more opportunities to lounge around.

No Plans At All

You’re one of three kinds of people that the rest of us either feel sorry for, admire, or wholeheartedly roll our eyes at:

1. You’re the person who has no invitations or friends to go out with, which is terribly sad and we feel for you.
2. You’re the person who is focused, and wants to stay in and be productive, which is commendable.
3. You’re the person who is staying in mostly so you can write a Facebook status about how everyone else is out drinking like losers, but not you — you’re at home being responsible, and you won’t wake up hung-over tomorrow because you’re being sensible and staying in, which is just the worst.

Nothing Because You Work The Next Morning

You probably rang up Time’s Square person when you has to work the night of/day after Thanksgiving for Black Friday. Whatever your job, “The Man” clearly has a firm grasp on your availability and is destroying your social life.

You Don’t Work The Next Morning, But You’ll Be Asleep Before Midnight

It’s safe to assume that you call it a night so early because you don’t want to stay awake worried sick all night about your grandchildren being out.

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