What can do Professional Make Up: Before and After

Those women you see every day can be so much different from what they see in the mirror when remove their make up. In the world of glamorous fashion women are born to be women, but most of them prefer to look like professional models or dolls.

Thes photos belong to a professional make up artist from Russia, Vadim Andreev, who helps women to change.

Do you still vote for natural beauty?

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  1. Certainly, the above photographs show amazing transformations, but ultimately, it is the woman underneath all that makeup that we need to appreciate. A woman must ultimately wash off the face mask, and be who she is. Natural beauty has more to do with the inner glow of self-respect and self-appreciation than a flawless complexion. Some women who are completely made up every day, are so involved in looking a certain way, fearful of losing their looks, growing older, being seen without their mask of makeup, that their obsession with the outside and superficial, distracts them from the important things in life, namely what makes them beautiful and special on the inside; because as we age, all we are left with, is our real beauty that we nurture within.

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