Welcome To The Deepest Cave On Earth, The Creepiest Place You Will Ever See

The Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building are thought of as gigantic structures. Well, did you know that the world’s deepest cave goes down further then all three of them put together? Pretty crazy right! The Krubera Cave in Georgia became the deepest known point on Earth in 2001 and is home to the world record for man’s deepest excursion into the world’s surface, a Ukrainian explorer went a whopping 2197 metres down. Take a look at the sheer scale of this place.

1. There is a good reason they’re kissing their loved ones and wearing protective gear

cave 11

2. Krubera Cave stretches an incredible 7,207 feet (2197m) towards to earth’s core

cave 10

3. “The last light we’ll see for a long, long time

cave 9

4. It takes approximately 27 days to reach the bottom

cave 8

5. Imagine descending more then the Empire State building without any natural light

cave 7

6. The cave is home to deep-dwelling insects that never see or feel sunlight throughout their lives

cave 6

7. In the veins of the earth

cave 4

8. A world inside the earth

cave 5

9. It’s always pretty cold down there

cave 2

10. Very alone

cave 3

The sheer size and depth of this cave is almost unbelievable. Goes to show that nature can out do anything we can do as humans, don’t mess with it guys. This cave is perfect if you need somewhere to lay low for a little while – it’s a fairly safe bet that nobody will find you in there. Just have to get to Georgia first…

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