VW Releasing Final Edition of Popular Microbus

To say there’s a little bit of history behind the Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus or Kombi is a massive understatement. The iconic VW ‘hippie bus’ was first introduced in Germany some 63 years ago, but it eventually came down to just Brazil producing this legendary ride. Sadly, that too is about to end due to new safety legislation being introduced next year in that country.

To go out in style, VW is offering one last limited edition of the longest produced model in automotive history. 600 of these Kombis will be built, each with the distinctive two-tone blue and white paint job, curtains on the side windows and rear windscreen, whitewall tires, decals, and special upholstery vinyl with central bands of two colors. Thankfully the retro theme stops at the dashboard, as this Kombi comes with an MP3 sound system with iPod compatibility. A rear-mounted, 1.4-liter flex-fuel and water-cooled engine churns out a very mellow 78 horsepower when running on gasoline (80 on pure ethanol). There’s room for 9 people inside, and it’s gonna be sold only in Brazil for about $35,600. [Purchase]









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