Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Seth Casteel shocked and amazed us with his Underwater Dogs photography earlier this year. Apparently we weren’t the only ones either, as the animal activist has just launched a book showcasing the photography called Underwater Dogs.

When you throw a ball into the water for your dog to fetch, all you see is the plunge into the water, a bit of scurrying, and back to the surface good ole Fido comes. Underwater, however is a whole different story as depicted by this award winning photography. Your friendly companion’s teeth shown, bubbles everywhere, your dog is determined to get that ball if it’s the last thing they do. Unless of course you own a bulldog that is, this bundle of joy still manages to maintain his utter laziness while submerged in water. In addition to the book, Seth Casteel is also putting out a new 2013 calendar with the photography as well. [Via]

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