Top 10 books which you should read at the airports

We all get bored time by rime while waiting plane in the airport, so just to spice up a bit your waiting time, here is a list of top ten books which you should read in the airport, And we promise that your day will become much more exciting

1. Suicied bombing for dummies


2. Anarchist Cookbook


3. Anatomy of a Plane Crash (Disasters) (1st Edition)


4. The BrickGun Book – Build the world’s most realistic LEGO handguns


5. The Aircraft Mechanic – The truth about working in aviation


6. Take on the Police and Win!


7. Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction


8. FOREVER ARMED – A Combative Guide To The Practical Use Of Improvised Weapons


9. The Illustrated Guide to Viking Martial Arts


10. Drug Smuggling

Just for your security, we will not publish links to these books, but you know that the internet is a great thing

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