Time Traveling Woman Photoshops Self into Iconic Photos

Photographer Flóra Borsi photoshops herself into old black and white images of celebrities and people from past eras for her comical series titled Time Travel. The Budapest-based photographer is craftily featured in each manipulated image, hidden among throngs of fans, press, and commuters. She is even equipped with her own handy digital camera to capture the moment.

The fun series is brilliantly put together and, in some cases, leads one to eagerly search for the time-traveling woman. It’s like a fun game of Where’s Waldo? except there is no red and white striped shirt and blue trousered character. One’s only left to hunt for a young woman with new technology in her hand. Once Borsi’s position is exposed, it’s hard not to smile at her simulated excitement around the likes of The Beatles and Elvis Presley. And like any modern hardcore fangirl, the first thing that Borsi does in the company of these late greats is reach for her camera, even if silent film star Harold Lloyd is hanging off a giant clock on the side of a building.

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