This Is What The Miss Universe Contestants Look Like Without Makeup

Genetics kinda sucks. You can’t really control whether or not you’re ugly. Sure you can work out and get in good shape and doll yourself up with as much make up as you want, you can get hair follicle implants if you’ve got a receding hairline, and maybe even do some plastic surgery to tighten up your skin, but all the extracurricular beauty activity in the world won’t get you looking like Zayn Malik.

And these make-up free photos of the Miss Universe 2015 contestants prove that.

Well, most of them are make-up free. Some just can’t seem to grab the concept.

Miss Universe 2015 asked women to tweet photos of themselves with the hashtag #ConfidentlyBeautiful. Here’s Miss Colombia without and with make-up.



Miss Ecuador.



Miss Haiti.



Miss Ireland.



Miss Indonesia. If she’s not wearing foundation, I’d like a refund on my own skin. Thanks.



Miss South Africa got her collage on.



Miss Bahamas.



Miss Peru.



Ms. Ghana glows.




Miss Australia posted this ‘natural’ pic.



Miss Argentina looks great without getting dolled up too.



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