This guy bought an very old car, you will be speechless when see what he made out of it!

In 1960s and 70s, Fiat600 was very popular car among middle class of people in Italy. Also in Serbia it was very popular because there was a car factory “Zastava” that was making these cars, but this model’s name was Zastava 750, popularly known as “Fića”. The latest copy of this car came out of the factory in 1985. It was the latest year this model was produced.

Radoje Gvozdenović from Serbia bought an very old car, but he invested a lot of effort and love to make an amazing car that everyone would like to drive. He was picturing almost every single moment while  repairing the car and all the pictures published on serbian website where people can rate his masterpiece.

The car was very old, with a number of deficiencies and defects

1 fica

2 fica

3 fica

Repair required a lot of effort and time

4 fica

5 fica

6 fica

Everything had to be done carefully and thoroughly

7 fica

It was time to paint the basic color

8 fica

9 fica

The interior of the car was not at a high level

10 fica

11 fica

Instead of the rear seats are set large speakers

12 fica

13 fica

Also forgot to say that car was painted in red, very lovly color!

14 fica

Masterpiece is born!

15 fica

16 fica

17 fica

18 fica

19 fica

The car’s interior was remarkably tidy

20 fica

21 fica

22 fica


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