Things Girls Say Vs What They Really Mean

1 ” I’m fine “

OK , the only thing that is going trough my brain right now is how i’m going to kill you in 100 ways or more until you realise im not fine


2 ” We can watch whatever show you want “

I wanna see if you want to watch the same thing as me . or let me watch what i want , if you dont , i will reevaluate our entire relationship and the outcome is not going to be good for you


3 ” I’m kidding ! “

I’m not kidding ! i just had to say it to not look like a lunatic


4 ” Im really not upset any more , i promise “

Of Course i’m upset you idiot ! I just have to play it cool until i’m really over it . give me like three weeks  than we are cool


5 ” Fuc* you “

There is no need to explain this , usually it comes with a sneaky smile , but i do mean it , sort of , you’re cute when you make me mad-damn ! so close


6 ” I hate you “

I’m completely in love with you , right now and in general . but i don’t feel like telling you right now because you said something rude


7 ” No i don’t want pizza , i’m not hungry anymore “

I’m starving , my stomach is in full-fledged growl , but i really hope you will see through my lie and buy me that piece of pizza any way ..oh you just got one piece ? for yourself ? Okay…


8 ” who was that girl ? “

I got this ! all i need is the smallest detail about her and i can know her entire life in 7 minutes or less


9 ” I woke up like dis “

Really ? no , lets put something on the table right now , when i wake up i look like a drunk crack head after an all nighter playing catch in the zoo, with the animals , we can work through this


10 ” I have no idea how long we’ve been dating “

I know everything ! how you asked me , who i immediately texted after , it was a Friday night after a party and the weather was 12 degrees with gust of 45 . we were eating french fries , it was 1 am on November 19 , but you know , who keeps track of this shit

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