These 15 One Sentence Facts Will Make You An Infinitely More Interesting Person

Most of us would like to be a rocket scientist or astronaut but haven’t got the time to flick through volume after volume of a giant encyclopaedia. Well your prayers have been answered. What you’re about to read are 15 one-sentence facts that are guaranteed to get the opposite sex weak at the knees due to your sheer brainpower – after all, it is the most important muscle. Take a look.

1. Buzzing about this fact

fact 15

2. The Voldemort Jellyfish

fact 14

3. Walking with Egyptians

fact 13

4. Motorway to heaven

fact 12

5. Didn’t know Sega’s were that old!

fact 11

6. My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets

fact 10

7. Deep fact

fact 9

8. So maybe I do look like Brad Pitt

fact 8

9. That’s a long time

fact 7

10. Say whaaaat?

fact 6

11. Perfect conversation starter

fact 5

12. Hmmm

fact 4

13. Must move pretty slow

fact 3

14. F**k the corporations, man

fact 2

15. Shit, only got a couple left

fact 1

Another 250,000,000 just died reading this sentence – didn’t realise sentences were such a big killer. Pass on to your friends ,or enemies, if you’d like to kill their cells too

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