The “Russian Banksy” Sharik makes his mark

A Russian street artist that calls himself “Sharik” is creating amazing art in the streets of Simferopol. He uses paint to make fun and thoughtful graffiti on concrete walls of different buildings, or just on huge rocks and blocks. People call him the “Russian Banksy”, because they are comparing him with an English graffiti artist called “Banksy” who travels across the world and leaving graffiti pranks in many different countries.

Some of Sharik’s drawings can be interpreted as amusing pranks. Every single one of his works are worth seeing, but the ones that maybe are the most impressing are the broken heart on the wall that the boy is hammering, the suicidal toilet paper holder, and the smiley block that is holding an pencil while all the others are holding guns. Other street art that is worth seeing is the Simpson graffiti in Vancouver, Canada.

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