The Future of Apple Design: 2012 Applevision

Applevision: You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from Apple’s superpowered television.
Whether it’s a lovely 3.5-inch Retina display on an iPhone 4 or the absolutely stunning 27-inch Cinema Display, Apple’s rightly famous for putting gorgeous visuals first. But they’d never bother with a device as mundane as a regular television set. No, when Apple moves into the living room to capitalize on the snowballing convergence of the internet, gaming, apps, computing, and plain old movie-watching, the least significant thing the AppleVision will do is deliver a pretty picture.

But let’s start with that. The AppleVision’s 65-inch P-IPS display will offer 30-bit color depth capable of displaying more than a billion colors. That alone will make it prettier than any picture currently on the market.

1. The camera/mic combo will enable FaceTime video calls…as well as a Minority Report—style “swipe the air” control interface.

2. By gesturing in the air, you’ll be able to shrink down your video and pop up a Safari window to look up the actor whose name is on the tip of your tonue.

3. Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Max networking will keep your AppleVision and your iPhone in sync without all those annoying cables.

On to “the magic.” The gateway to the AppleVision’s coolest feature will lurk in a pinhole at the top of the display, where a wide-angle camera and a mic will be concealed. Of course they’ll be good for FaceTime chats right from your couch (just like the Jetsons!), but like Microsoft’s recently released Kinect (an add-on to the Xbox 360), the camera’s continuously projected infrared pattern will be constantly reading and analyzing the scene in front of the AppleVision. That means it’ll recognize you when you walk into the room, turning on your default home screen—or reacting to your kids’ arrival by activating whatever parental controls you’ve set. You’ll simply speak a command like, “Play The Hobbit” to cue up Peter Jackson’s latest masterpiece, or you’ll gesture with your hand, making a swiping motion in the air to flip through the menus and find something else to watch, an app to load up, a game to play, or simply just emails and tweets to answer. There’s no remote to master—just a “touchscreen in the air” interface that will make AppleVision a pleasure to use.

Behind the screen, AppleVision will pack in 4TB of RAID-enabled storage—HD movies are big!—as well as dual Core i11 Intel processors and 256GB of RAM. Since AppleVision runs iOS 6, you’ll be able to just sync a Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo, and you’ve got the biggest iPad ever built.

Yes, the AppleVision is an entertainment powerhouse. You’ll be able to access content stored locally, on your network, and in the cloud. And if you still need more media, the AppleVision will connect (over Wi-Max, of course) to streaming video from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and of course the iTunes Store. It will, quite simply, be the beautiful, Jonny Ive–designed display packed with the turbo-charged Apple TV functions that we’ve always dreamed of.

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