The best GoPro’s photos of 2015

Millions of GoPro cameras all over the world travel with their owners, extreme or not, to shoot the most beautiful, atmospheric, fascinating and cool moments of life.


The best photo on GoPro, according to GoPro itself

Just think to yourself for a moment: the best picture is not of a snowboarder on a dangerous slope, or a surfer riding a huge wave, or not even a climber conquering unbelievable peaks. It’s just a child on the beach dressed as a shark, whose sincere smile is better than the most extreme adventures.

Aloha from the top of the Avaawapuhi trail

Lay off, I’m hungry

Hard to get there, but the view’s amazing

Tropical nirvana

On the line of two worlds

The steel expanse

Just a really good morning

A crazy descent

Winter quietness

Better not stumble

True friends

On the roof

100% harmony


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