10 Life Lessons Women with Tattoos Can Teach You


1.  Your standards are the only ones that matter



Of course not everyone will think that your new chest piece is as gorgeous as you do, but why should that matter?

As long as you love the way it looks and feel great about yourself because of it, those stares on the street are laughable.

2. First impressions aren’t always right



Anyone with tattoos or a heavily tattooed friend can tell you this life lesson is true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched perfectly nice, loving, and intelligent people get judged because of their ink.

Having tattoos and knowing people with tattoos teaches you to not place value on appearances and, instead, spend more time getting to know new people.

3. Pain is temporary



This, for sure, is something every tattoo-ee can attest to. Regardless of your pain tolerance, you’re bound to encounter one tattoo that hurts like a B. But making it through a painful tattooing experience just makes you more proud of the end result.

Sometimes we forget that painful things can lead to great things, but I think tattoos are a fabulous reminder of that.

4. Fear of new experiences is overrated



Getting your first tattoo can be scary for a lot of people. It’s something you’ve never done before and, let’s face it, it is a substantial commitment.

But people who go through with a tattoo in spite of their fears feel better about themselves afterwards and are happy with the experience. Most of them even go back for more.

5. Meaning is subjective



No two tattoos have exactly the same meaning. Every person molds their own ideas, experiences and memories into their tattoo and what it represents.

To judge someone based off of what you think their tattoo means is completely pointless.

6. And not EVERYTHING has to have a set meaning



One the other hand, it’s also pointless to just assume that every tattoo a person has means something amazingly unique and special to them.

Lots of people get tattoos just because they like a pattern or concept and that’s it. Many people also get tattoos just for the sake of getting more tattoos. Not everything needs a universal purpose to exist. Some things exist ‘just because.’

7. Money isn’t everything



One of the biggest critiques people have of tattoos is about how much money they cost. Granted, each tattoo parlor is different and runs by its own prices, but a decent color tattoo is likely to cost you a couple hundred dollars. So what?

Not only do you get some cool artwork that you get to keep with you forever, but you also get a lasting memory and fun experience that you can tell people about for the rest of your life. I’d call that priceless.

8. Nothing is ever a mistake if you are true to yourself



Another life lesson tattoos teach you is that ‘mistakes’ don’t matter if you believe you were true to yourself. Maybe you have to wear concealing shirts at work to cover up your sleeves. So what?

People are so quick to deem tattoos a mistake if their owners need to cover them up from 9 to 5 later in life. I call it a win-win; not only do you get to keep the job that you want but you also get to keep getting tattoos. That sounds pretty good to me.

9. Being outrageous is fun


While staring at a stranger’s tattoo can be rather obnoxious, sometimes it’s kind of fun to get stared at. Especially if someone is staring at a tattoo you’re particularly fond of.

Most people don’t get tattoos just to show them off, but showing them off can be pretty fun once in a while.

10. Being who you want to be is the only way to be truly happy


Tatted Up Disney Characters

Tattoos also just fit many Disney characters’ personalities. Just try to see Ariel without having awesome tattoos after looking through the gallery below. You can’t, can you? Of course the historically rebellious mermaid would have tattoos! Ariel looks fantastic with them, and she knows it.

If you didn’t already think about what your favorite Disney character would be like in real life, the pictures below will definitely jog your imagination. Although they’ll also raise a few interesting questions too. Like, “How does Tinkerbell get her tattoos? Is there a fairy tattoo artist with a tiny shop just sitting around on Neverland?” or “Would Cinderella have to get all her tattoos after getting married to the prince? She wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise, right?”

A lot of these pictures also spark some interesting fan fiction ideas. What if Belle was more assertive inBeauty and the Beast? Or if Alice was more cunning and sure of herself during her travels through Wonderland?

















The Girl with the Octopus Butt Tattoo!

One girl got carried away by her fantasy and she tattooed an octopus on her thighs and the bum. The tattoo of the animal invokes quite clear associations.


Her name is Daizha Morgann, ‘Queen of the Anal Ring Toss’ as she is referred to in her profession. All we knew about her is that she has this insanely detailed and scene-stealing tattoo. But it seems like her daring backside tattoo is merely the tip of the whole iceberg. Ladies and gents, Daizha Morgann.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram

According to Daizha’s bio in their official website, she’s the younger sister of adult actress AJ Morgann. Though growing separately, they maintained a pretty close relationship. AJ performed as an anal ring toss girl before she retired and Daizha took over. She also mentioned that it was AJ that got her in the whole shebang. And man, she sure does a bangin’ job at it.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram

With her job, she got to explore more of herself and feed her sexuality, embracing every part of it. Daizha is bisexual, and she’s currently in a relationship with a woman.


The Anal Ring Toss business already had it good but Daizha though of ways to make things more interesting. That’s when the ‘octopussy’ idea came to mind. Anyone can say that the placement of the tattoo is ‘trashy’. That’s expected, choosing a body part such as the ass and working in the entertainment business like Daizha.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram

But in my personal opinion, I think her tattoo is spectacular. It’s also better than, like, 80% of adult stars’ tattoos. She actually went to a good tattoo artist to get something vulnerable like that done. We’re guessing she chose the design purely for its aesthetic appeal and for the nature of what she does, but we still love it.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram / Courtesy of Femme Xposure Magazine

It was done by Greg James in Los Angeles, where The Anal Ring Toss is currently based. It took a few sessions but Greg did an awesome job. The colours and the way the tentacles wrapped around her bottom was amazing.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram / Courtesy of Femme Xposure Magazine

Aside from the octopus, Daizha has several other tattoos on her body and they’re also pretty good. This girl knows her ink.

@_oaklandbooty_ / Instagram / Courtesy of Femme Xposure Magazine

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35 Spiritual Mandala Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for a flower design to get inked on your body, then you should consider mandala before making up your mind. Mandalas symbolise “wholeness” and used for ritual purposes which can be seen in meditation and prayer rooms. They are circular formed flowers very similar to kaleidoscopic design patterns. When applied by a skillful tattoo expert, they lend an exotic touch on your skin. Here you can browse some of the best examples we selected for you.