25 Powerful Pieces Of Street Art That Tell The Painful Truth

The world is not in a good shape, and these street artist are here to say it. Using the urban walls as their canvas, ROA, Blu, Banksy and many others are reaching out to the masses. It’s a good tool to alert a widespread audience. It is estimated that more than half the people in the world are living in urban areas. In Asia, many city agglomerations (Osaka, Manila, Jakarta, Seul and so on) reach over 20 million in population and are slated to cross 40 million in the near future. The message is thus delivered to a wide audience and is hard to ignore due to its usually jarring appearance.

And the people do have things to worry about. Climate change is only denied by the most recalcitrant of critics. Water pollution is getting over a million people a year ill in India and air pollution is causing around a million premature deaths in China per year. The acidification of oceans (due to high CO2 content) is threatening our food supply (as well an sea animals in general(, and acid rain has a similar affects on soil. Plants also suffer from smog and tropospheric ozone it contains – and O3 is a troublemaker by itself while it remains at ground level, causing all sorts of toxic reaction with other materials. And, of course, there’s the urbanization’s impact on forests and nature, animal rights violations in fur and meat industry, and so forth.

Small wonder that these people take up the spray can.

I Don’t Believe In Global Warming


Image credits: Banksy

World Is Going Down The Drain


Image credits: Pejac

Lets Keep The Plants Alive


Image credits: Natalia Rak

Urbanization Is Killing Us


Image credits: Blu

Killing Ourselves


Image credits: Pejac

The Clock is Ticking


Image credits: Blu



Image credits: Banksy

I Remember When This Was All Trees


Image credits: Banksy

Born To Be Wild


Image credits: July

Animals in Zoos


Image credits: ROA

Eat Yourself


Image credits: Unknown

The World is Burning


Image credits: Eduardo Kobra

We’re Eating The Earth


Image credits: Nemo

Eating The Earth


Image credits: Blu

Earth Is Being Killed


Image credits: madeinpain.wordpress.com

The Truth


Image credits: GroovyMutation

Locked Up Animals


Image credits: ROA

Animal Cruelty Is Everywhere


Image credits: ROA

Earth-Pie of Trash


Image credits: Blu

Ice Ice Baby


Image credits: Pobel

If Only We Could See The Sky And Not The Buildings


Image credits: Banksy

Poor Earth


Image credits: Sejak

Nothing To Eat


Image credits: Banksy

New McDonalds Is Opening


Image credits: reddit

When Life Gives You Oil Spills Make Molotovs


Image credits: Priest



Funniest street posters and flyers found in cities

Your car broke down. Your bicycle requires wearing a helmet that will totally mess up your hair. Taking the bus to work isn’t an option, unless you want your commute to take twice as long and get elbowed in the stomach a bunch of times. It looks like you’re walking to work. Boring, right?

Well, at least you’ll have time to catch up on sidewalk watching. Hey…what’s that white thing someone stapled 11,000x to the telephone pole? Hopefully it’s one of these goofy flyers.


1.) That’s comforting.

2.) I wish I could help, but I think I might be too dizzy for that.

3.) They seem like the man and woman for the job. Any job, really.

4.) It definitely looks familiar.

5.) How thoughtful.

6.) Busted.

7.) Hello?

7.) Hello?

8.) Where’s Matthew McConaughey when you need him?

8.) Where's Matthew McConaughey when you need him?

9.) Where do I leave my unwanted comment?

9.) Where do I leave my unwanted comment?

10.) Did you intentionally not put the price on here, or did the printer crap out?

10.) Did you intentionally not put the price on here, or did the printer crap out?

11.) YES.

11.) YES.

12.) Polly want a confirmation that this is a joke?

12.) Polly want a confirmation that this is a joke?

13.) Yikes.

13.) Yikes.

14.) No, sorry. I’m not a nerd.

14.) No, sorry. I'm not a nerd.

15.) Oof.

15.) Oof.

16.) But I can see God in the flyer…and he’s wearing pants.

17.) There’s no such thing as “TMI” when you’re looking for your lost dog.

18.) It’s nice to be helpful, but if you see this, run.

19.) May the best Wookiee win.

20.) Um, what happens if you already ate the rainbow sherbet?

I don’t know who’s taking time out of their days to post funny things to telephone poles, but thank you. These are much more entertaining than a piece of paper telling you when the next garage sale is.