Fashion Photographer Imagines Cars As Supermodels

What if a spell turned some of the world’s most famous car models into real women? What would they look like? That’s what photographer Viktorija Pashuta decided to explore with her latest portrait project, titled “What if Cars Were Supermodels?” Gathered under one roof top 12 renowned super models, Viktorija envisioned what would of happened if cars as if under the enchanted spell would turn into real women.

h/t: petapixel, basic-magazine

Low Rider Impala by Samii Ryan – a rebel badass chic @samiiryan

Viktorija explains to Basic Magazine, “In our materialized world – people get so much attached to certain objects that to imagine them as human beings is not that difficult”.

La Ferrari by Mahglagha Jaberi – is the luxurious, sexy brunette @mahlaghajaberi

“The most interesting part – she adds, – was to combine fashion elements with car features, this is why working with the stylists Jesse J & Kim Sheree was so crucial to fullfil the concept”.

Hummer Truck H1 by Paige Hathaway – is an extra fit, muscle girl @paigehathaway

Kia Optima by An Jing – fun and effortlessly chic @secret_buttercup

Mercedes Benz S Class by Yazemeenah Rossi – a classic woman with exceptional elegance and business style @yazemeenah

Rolls-Royce Phantom by Kaylen Dao – is a posh, glamorous diva @kaylendao

Aston Martin Vanquish by Berglind Icey – is a James Bond Spy Girl @berglindicey

Jeep Wrangler by Melissa Haro is an adventurous Indiana Jones @melissaroseharo

Vintage 1960 Corvette by Doris Mayday – a pin-up coquette @dorismayday

Toyota Camry by Brenda Castillo – a casual girl next door @vsbree

Volkswagen Vintage Van by Patience Silva – is a Coachella-hippie- party girl@patiencesilva

Tesla by Andrea Debevc – is a futuristic, high end girl @adebevc


Photographer Risks Life For Breathtaking Images Of New York City Subway Tracks


At the dead of night, the photographer – known to his Instagram followers as Dark Cyanide – heads out to look for hidden gems, like abandoned stations, provisions and tunnels. His intriguing images feature vibrant streaks, graffiti, and tight framing – and by adding individuals to some to some of shots, he is also able to depict the incredible scale of some of the tunnels. 19 y.o. photographer admitted what he and his friends do is highly dangerous, illegal, and he does not recommend others attempt to explore such tunnels.



Photographer Puts Bride And Groom On A Tiny Ledge 350 Feet Above A Valley In New Hampshire

Photographer Jay Philbrick takes his subjects where most photographers wouldn’t dare to go themselves: onto the face of a cliff, 350 feet above the ground.


You see, Philbrick started his career as a professional mountain guide before picking up a camera and starting a photography business. His passion for the great outdoors and for hanging off rock faces can be seen in his amazing portraiture.


Philbrick takes his clients to Echo Lake State Park in New Hampshire, where the 700-foot Cathedral Ledge looms over the lake. With climbing gear, he carefully lowers his subjects onto a small outcropping on the face of the cliff, about 350 feet up.


He then photographs his subjects in formal attire as a dramatic sunrise glows in the background.


The subjects may look like they’re teetering on the edge of certain death in the photos, but they’re actually safely secured to the cliff with ropes that are hidden behind them. The results are incredible:

h/t: petapixel, wmur, diyphotography, reddit


Reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer


Photographers are a different kind of creatures. We are both artists and entrepreneurs. We love our cameras and we sure love playing with them, sometimes too much. After a longer series of technical articles and advice, I thought I’d put together a list of reasons why you shouldn’t date a photographer. Before we get started, I just want to point out that although some of the items on the list will seem realistic, it’s all intended to make you laugh or at least bring a knowing smile on your face. At the end of the day, everybody loves photographers, otherwise I can’t explain why so many people want to get into photography. Without further ado, I bring you the 41 things to take into account before setting a date with a photographer.

1. They’re weird

Photographers are artists. And that should be self explanatory. You might find yourself at a restaurant table with a photographer who is looking deep into your eyes. Well, don’t be fooled. He’s probably thinking about your best angle

2. The birthday presents will surprise you

Most of the times it will be a framed portrait of yourself, captured some time ago when you probably weren’t looking.

3. Their favorite days are not yours

Like most people, you probably enjoy a bright, sunny day. Well, photographers enjoy foggy, gloomy mornings that would make most people sad.

4. They’re hoarders

Photographers collect piles of news papers, magazine, and generally anything they find inspiring, even for a short term.

5. They will break the law

Trespassing into abandoned buildings has always been a favorite activity among photographers, and they rarely even concern themselves with the fact that they are breaking laws.

6. Your vacation luggage will look like you’re moving

That’s because no photographer who respects himself will go on vacations without at least 50lbs of gear.

7. Watching movies together will not be as expected

The reason for that is because photographers will constantly criticize choice of color and frame composition in a movie.

8. They mark everything

Especially their photos. You will rarely see a photographer’s portfolio that’s not full of watermarks.

9. Everyone else sucks

Photographers are very proud creatures. Therefore, nobody else’s work is as good as theirs, and, at best, it can only come close.

10. Envy takes a new form

Among men, there is the well-known term penis envy. Among photographers, it’s a whole different thing. It’s called camera envy.

11. They spend time with cool people

You might be an interesting person with interesting friends, but photographers spend most of their time with models, stylists, designers and other cool people.

12. Their movie choices are different than yours

That’s because most of their choices are old, artsy movies that most people never get.

13. They like to play it vintage…in excess

They either use film cameras or dress like photographers did forty years ago.

14. They are control freaks

They like to control the position of anything. Whether it’s you or the coffee cup on the table. It has to look good.

15. They don’t care about your opinions

Yet they always want to show you their latest photos.

16. Their communications is awkward at the least

They might not return your phone calls or Facebook messages, but you can be sure that if you check their Instagram account, it will be active on a daily basis.

17. They are way too honest about your looks

If you ask a photographer if you look fat, he’ll probably say yes, but not to worry, he’ll Photoshop it later.

18. They spend most of their time in front of a computer

It’s not for Facebook or porn, but they can spend days in a row editing their pictures.

19. Romantic sunsets will never be the same

Unlike any other people, when you gaze at a beautiful sunset with a photographer, instead of feeling the romantic mood, they’ll probably be thinking “f8 at 1/125”.

20. They won’t spend any serious money on you

If you go out with a photographer and point out a certain pair of shoes that you really like, you should remove any expectations. They might cost 100$ but they won’t get them for you. Instead, they will $1000 glass for themselves.

21. Meals together will be quite different

Instead of actually enjoying their meal, photographers will probably spend the first five minutes Instagraming the dish from every possible angle.

22. They hate it when your friends ask photography questions

One thing photographers hate being asked by newbies, are questions about camera purchases. They get irritated when someone wants a camera “that takes good pictures, but it shouldn’t be anything professional”.

23. Holding hands will be pretty rare

That’s because they’ll be carrying a heavy camera most of the times.

24. They never send you the photos they take…of you

Noticed how your photographer girlfriend or boyfriend snapped a few random shots of you the other day? Don’t worry. You’ll probably never see them.

25. They don’t run away from natural disasters

If you live in a hurricane active area and are dating a photographer…good luck! Instead of running away, your love one will probably wait around for the action to happen, just to get some dramatic shots in that rare light.

26. Anniversaries will be missed

Think of it this way: if your anniversary and an interesting workshop happen on the same day, you might as well forget about the romantic dinner.

27. They are hazardous to themselves

If any accidents happen or if there is a hazardous situation, a photographer will protect his gear before anything else. That means that you or they are secondary priorities.

28. They stare at people in public

If you catch your date staring at someone attractive or, just as well someone different, don’t worry, they’re not having any dirty thoughts. They’re probably just imagining the photo they would take of that person. It doesn’t make it any less awkward or embarrassing though.

29. They find beauty in the weirdest places

That includes dirty alleys, places with a lot of poverty or just about any other location normal people would stay away from.

30. You’ll have a hard time proving that you were together on vacation

That’s because they’ll be taking most of the pictures, without themselves being in front of the camera.

31. They won’t photograph what you ask them

Think having a photographer partner will bring you advantages? Think again. Photographers are very proud and stubborn creatures and they will rarely photograph anything they consider unworthy, unless it’s paid or they like it.

32. They’ll remind everyone of what it is they do

If you’re out socializing with friends and are having a normal conversation, don’t expect it to last too long. Your date will probably be jumping in with some “killer” stories about a place or a person they photographed in the past.

33. Birthday presents will be expensive

Anything under $500 will probably not buy them anything useful for their hobby, not something they already haven’t got anyway.

34. They won’t Photoshop your older photos

Your older vacation or family photos might need some improvement and your photographer partner should be just the person for the job. Not likely. Their ego will prevent them from editing anything not taken by them.

35. They don’t like your emo and artsy friends

That’s because unless it’s someone more famous than them, they’re not really worth spending time with.

36. They hardly print any of their work

Yet the storage space on their computer is always low because of the massive numbers of photographs.

37. If you accidentally drop a camera, you’ll owe them big time


The average contents of a photographer’s bag cost anywhere between $1500 and …well a lot. Make sure you are extra careful around their gear, or else.

38. You’ll turn into a model, whether you like it or not.

It might seem like fun in the beginning, but don’t be fooled. Whenever you’re out for a walk and the light will seem interesting for your date, you’ll have to pose for at least one portrait. And no, the clothes you’ll be wearing won’t matter.

39. They’re a pain at family events

Let’s say someone in your family is getting married and you decide to bring your date. Most of their attention will probably be going to the photographer hired to shoot the wedding. It will be a mix of criticism of everything the hired pro does and a secret envy that he didn’t get to do it, even after refusing in the first place.

40. Nothing natural is good

Translated: every picture must be tweaked with Photoshop or Lightroom. Don’t ever expect to see any pictures straight out of the camera.

41. When staring into your eyes, it usually means something else

You might find it to be a romantic moment, but it’s usually a process that goes on in their mind and has to do with how they would correct the tiny imperfections on your face


20 Signs that You are true photographer

Photo by Joao Lambelho


Photographers are a different kind of creatures. We are both artists and entrepreneurs. We love our cameras and we sure love playing with them, sometimes too much.

20. While wearing polarizing sunglasses, you rotate your head left and right to assess what impact your circular polarizing filter might have on a potential shot

19. The sign “no flash photography” means nothing to you and makes you laugh, because YOU don’t need a flash

18. Your neighbors admit to you that they don’t take pics of their own kids playing outside anymore because they know YOU will be there doing it every chance you get!

17. When performing daily duties, you adjust the angle of your head or change your line of vision for a more interesting composition

16. The camera in your hand is more comfortable than the tennis shoes on your feet

15. You are driving past “scary” parts of town and can’t wait to use it for a shoot!

14.  You try to go “full manual” with your p&s or phone camera

13. You think in f-stops

12.  You pity, and judge, members of the public when you see them using their big, fancy dSLR in… automatic…

11.  Everyone hands you their cameras at family events and says”take some photos for me”

10.  You have nightmares of people using the “P mode”  we won’t even talk about the “green mode.”  That’s just too scary.

9.  30,000 family photos neatly categorized in Lightroom.  Zero photos of you.

8.  When at a car dealership, you translate the price of a car in your head to “Six 5D Mark II’s.”  Your last power bill cost two monopods.

7.  Touchdown plays are somewhat distracting because you can see the white glass on the sidelines

6.  You are frequently greeted with “What are you taking a picture of?!?” instead of “hello.”

5.  You’d rather buy the shirt that more closely resembles 18% gray

4.  Your carry-on is heavier than your checked bags

3.  You describe disgusting old dilapidated barns as “beautiful”  (via Lori Anderson)

2.  Number of lenses > Pairs of shoes you own (Carsten Deutschmann)

1.  You actually believe a wizard could fit in your pocket