25 People who are completely don’t Give a F*nk

Perhaps all have those moments when no longer worry at all anything , you just have to do what you do and no matter what is happening around . But these people have gone much longer. Their apathy has reached such transcendent heights that just scary . See for yourself .



















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Research Reveals Intelligent People Stay up Later, Do More Drugs and Have More Sex

What image do you have in your mind when thinking about intelligence? Most likely, you will imagine a student who spends a good portion of their time studying or a nerdy professor whose entire life is devoted to science.

However, recent research suggests that in reality intelligence has a very little to do with these stereotypes often perpetuated by the masses. In fact, three different studies show that intelligent people tend to stay up later, do more drugs and have more sex. Though it is not always the case, and correlation doesn’t always imply causation. Anywho, here are the studies:

1. Intelligent and Sleep

A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences analyzed over 20,000 people and concluded that individuals with higher IQ levels have different circadian rhythms, or sleep cycles, compared to people with an average intelligence. It’s worth noting that the study focused on both adults and children and showed the same result for both categories – it turns out that individuals with high IQs, regardless of the age, tend to sleep and wake up about half an hour later than those with lower IQ levels.

The link between intelligence and sleep cycles has to do with the hypothesis that smart people are more likely to adopt evolutionarily novel (i.e. new) behaviors than less intelligent individuals, and nocturnal activity is a perfect example of such behavior. Our early ancestors, most likely, were active during the day and slept during the night.

The paper also mentions an earlier study which suggests that intelligent people are more likely to be freethinkers with liberal and atheistic views.

2. Intelligent and Drugs

An even more surprising finding on intelligent people is the fact that they are more likely to experiment with drugs. According to a study conducted by the National Child Development, children with high IQs in the United Kingdom are more likely to consume psychoactive drugs in their adult years than those with lower IQs. At the same time, the background a person comes from, such as the social class at birth or parents’ education, doesn’t matter at all.

Moreover, it’s not the only study that came to the conclusion that smart people do more drugs. Thus, a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health revealed that people who achieved high scores in IQ tests as children were more likely to experiment with illegal substances as grown-ups.

Another study published in the Annals of Epidemiology also found that intelligent children tended to experiment with such drugs as cannabis, amphetamines, and magic mushrooms in their adulthood.

3. Intelligent and Sex

Another curious discovery about intelligent people comes from the UK, where researchers revealed that young people who studied at universities like Oxford and Cambridge spent more money on sex toys than students at ‘lower-ranked’ universities. It’s needless to say how difficult is to get admitted to the world’s top universities, so it makes sense that most of their students are people of high intelligence.

How do the study authors explain this correlation between a higher intelligence and an increased sex drive? A possible explanation could be the fact that sex is a natural stress reliever, and the students take advantage of it to lower their stress levels, which go along with a high performance required at such prestigious institutions.

As you see, intelligent people turn out to have quite different habits and lifestyles from what we thought. Of course, the results of these studies don’t imply that all smart people are night owls who do drugs and use sex toys. But still, studies like these are interesting already because they break common stereotypes and give us the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective.

Why else do you think this is? Could it be that intelligent people tend to recognize the ills of society more so than their counterparts, and use sex and drugs as a coping mechanism? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below:


How people from 19th century imagine we will live now

Modern technological development pace is so fast that it can be argued that we are already living in the future.

But it has always been so interesting to look at what we have predicted the future of the people who lived 100 years ago.

One of these the Prophet was a French artist Jean – Marc Kote with your card series ‘ Life in 2000 ‘ .



Dome of the harshest Siberian winter home creates tropical conditions !

City, protected from bad weather !

A device that lets you watch through the walls and , if necessary, to catch the thieves .

German futurists had imagined that people will be able to move quite freely on the water surface.

Hazardous 2000 weapons : aircraft , able to fire a torpedo !.

Terrible fighting vehicles 

A very handy tool for underwater movement . Just coax whales so that they work in our favor .

Morning ladies toilet was designed to be very easy : sit down and wait for the robotic hands you can draw all over your face !

Books containing the information described by wire into the brain

How comfortable the whole house moves on wheels! Something unthinkable

There is no need to ride horses when more interesting is to control the fish.

Conductor is still necessary, but no longer the same band as the requisite notes but can be adjusted automatically.

Also tailor services , we had planned a very intelligent - input parameters, but the pipe rolls out a new suit !


Is not it convenient? Intensive reproduction : at one end put in the eggs , but in the other rolls out chickens !

Very busy worker: only using the buttons , but the mechanized units of all harvested crops .

Electric brush, which is itself a clean floor. This prediction is known to come true

It was planned that around this time we will be tamed big seahorse , which will be able to ride , even under water.

Rural postman delivered a letter with the flying machines.

It was expected that in 2000 we will have flying firemen


This is how would look flying taxi stop.


In 1900, it was expected that we will have intelligent hairdresser and barber services .

Things Only People Who Love To Sleep Will Truly Understand

Some of us understand the value of sleep. We’re not trying to skimp on hours of rest, and we do everything within our power to see to it that bedtime is more of an experience and less of an activity.

As a sort of tribute to serious sleepers of the world, the folks at Lingvistov created a new cartoon series that depicts the mind of true bed lovers. From the person who refuses to rise and shine in the morning without a grunt, to the individual who personifies their bed, these cartoons do a great job of presenting sleepers in their true light; or lack thereof in this instance. Check out the hilarious strips below! More Info: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 2

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 1

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 3

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 5

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 6

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 7

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 8

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 9

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 10

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 11

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 12

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 13

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 14

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 15

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 16

Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand 17

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90% Of People Can’t Spot The Differences In These Photos. Can you?

The human body is a pretty intricate system and arguably no part is more complex than the eye. I cannot even begin to imagine how the little things work, all I know is that they are bloody brilliant and without them life would be pretty different. Having said this, sometimes the little buggers can play nasty tricks on us, like when you think you’ve hooked up with a stunner in a club to find out the next day (once you’ve removed your beer goggles) that your eyes were completely deceiving you.

Do you regard yourself as someone who has a keen eye for detail? Then you should have no problem picking out the differences in these images in a test that has sent the internet into meltdown. Don’t be fooled, they may look the same, but get a bit closer and all will be come clear, well hopefully, otherwise it’s just going to frustrate the hell out of you.

1. Not a clue

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.04.48

2. They all look the same to me

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.05.01

3. I  can tell one is orange and the rest are black

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.05.13

4. Absolutely no idea

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.05.30

5. Is there a difference?

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.05.44

6. I just see cars

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.05.57

7. Yes, I actually got this one

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.06.26

8. Nope

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.06.37

Spot the difference tests have stepped up a gear since I was at school. Illusions like these send your mind into disarray, you may see one thing, but another could see something completely different or not at all. Find out how well you really did here.