40 incredible facts about your eyes which you never imagined were true

  We think nothing of tiring our eyes out everyday by staring intently at the computer screen from morning to night. We forget that our eyes are an extremely delicate, and totally unique, organ, which scientists have yet to fully understand the complexity of. Take a look at some of these incredible… Continue Reading

50 Wonderfully Embarrassing Facts About Each U.S. State

For shame, America. For shame. Source: Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia Source: Mental Floss Source: Wikipedia Source: 9 News Source: Google News Source: City Lab Source: Thought Catalog Source: NY Times Source: Humane Society Source: Idaho Potato Drop Source: Roadside America Source: Wikipedia Source: USA Today 30 Source: Reuters Source: Wikipedia Source: Wikipedia Source: BBC Source: eHow Source: City Data Source: NPR… Continue Reading