Artist illustrates dragons playfully interacting with everyday objects

We’ve gotten dragons all wrong! They’re not the destructive, vicious, fire-breathing creatures we thought they were. Bangladeshi cartoonist ‘Manik n Ratan’ paints dragons in a whole new light – one that’s more adorable and endearing, not to mention, alive. He… Continue Reading

Artist Uses The Power Of The Sun And A Magnifying Glass To Create Stunning Drawings

Jordan Mang-osan, an award-winning Filipino artist, has harnessed the sun’s power to create beautiful artwork. By using a magnifying glass, he focuses the sun’s rays into a super-hot point that he uses to burn beautiful drawings onto wooden boards. Mang-osan… Continue Reading

ONE Artist Is Making The Worst Parts Of Peoples’ Days A Lot More Fun.

The incredibly talented illustrator Troqman is committed to making what would be the least exciting parts of our daily lives better by doing these drawings or “Cartoonbombing.” Throughout his travels, he’s brightened up the days of so many with his impromptu pieces.… Continue Reading