This architect came up with a new idea for a hotel in the Alps…and it’s superb

Architect Armin Senoner has worked out an unbelievable idea for a new Alpine hotel. Built into a gorge 2,000 above sea level, the hotel would be divided into three sections depending on the class of service a guest opts for. As you can probably guess, the top floors… Continue Reading

20 really cool ideas to make your balcony the best place in your apartment

You can make even the smallest balcony comfortable and stylish. For many of us, the balcony in our apartment is just the place where we store our bike or hang up our washing. But with a little ingenuity and hard work, you can transform it into your favourite… Continue Reading

20 awe-inspiring castles which you would definitely want to live in

The architects of the Middle Ages were geniuses. They built castles which combined astounding opulence and a rare practicality. The fact that many of them still stand today despite war, the ravages of the elements and the carelessness of their owners says much about their… Continue Reading