Smartphones kills society

Photographer believes that Smartphones kills society

The Death Of Conversation: I Photograph People Obsessed With Their Smartphones

Most of us know that feeling when you try to talk to someone, be it a stranger or your loved one, but they lock their eyes on their shiny smartphone screens instead. Some of us might be OK with it, but street photographer Babycakes Romero certainly has some strong thoughts on the issue that he expresses by capturing photos of strangers killing off live conversations with their phones.

Before mobile phones were invented, people would have had no choice but to interact,” the photographer told Boredpanda. “However, that is no longer necessary as we can all now “pretend” we are doing something ‘important’ on our devices rather than think of something to say. This is killing conversation. I believe it’s increasing social pain.

Most people used to use cigarettes as a social prop. Admittedly, they’re bad for your health, but at least they didn’t turn people into ‘plugged in’ bores. Together we must be strong and release ourselves from the shackles of smartphones and bring face-to-face chat back!

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