See That Tiny Entrance? A Guy Just Went Down There… And You Gotta See What He Found.

Reddit user remizik recently went on an adventure that made me foam at the mouth with jealousy. He decided to go inside Antelope Lower Canyon, which is located in Page, Arizona. He had been to Page from France once before, but he was unable to go inside. So now, returning in 2013, he was determined to do it.

What he discovered is beautiful, natural awesomeness.

This is the entrance. It’s obviously not for the claustrophobic.
As soon as you enter, you’re immediately blown away by the beauty.
The colors are gorgeous.


Absolutely gorgeous.


It was 9am and the sun was rising. That’s where this natural light is coming from.




The sun beaming inside is a sight you never forget.


An incredible sand cascade.


I MUST see this for myself. It’s amazing.





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