Russian singer Valeriya Finds out that she’s dead

A number of Ukrainian media reported that renowned Russian singer Valeria and her husband died in a car accident. Recall that in Ukraine hold no sympathy for the couple after the actress and her husband had supported the annexation of the Crimea Peninsula and in this country they are persona non grata.Iosif Prigozhin has already commented on the news and stated that shocked by such news from a neighboring state.
Media reported referring to the representative of GAI, near Smolensk car, which was traveling Valeria with her husband, crashed into a KAMAZ. The singer allegedly died instantly, while Joseph is in critical condition in the hospital. As proof of journalists presented a picture in which Prigogine and really is in the hospital. As stated by the producer, apparently, hackers broke into his phone and “get it” out the photo, which he did while in the hospital.

“Our dear friends!Thank You all so much for anxiety. We were shocked by such provocation. Very fortunately ,we are fine,we are alive and healthy. At this time we are @valeriya_rus are in London and preparing for the concert,which will be held on January 28. Unfortunately,we do not know the motives of Ukrainian journalists ,buried us alive ,sbrosiv misinformation about the alleged car accident. I hope that the dreams of our “well-wishers “will never come true” — wrote Joseph under Valeria”s photo — proof that they are alive and well.

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