Remains of Unidentified Monster Have Been Found in Russia Again

The remains of a giant sea creature with a bird-like ‘beak’ and fur on its tail have been washed up in the Russian Far East.

Scientists have yet to identify the strange prehistoric-like ‘mutant’, which has similarities to a dolphin but is twice as large as a human being.

Found on the shoreline near Shakhtersk Airport on Sakhalin Island ~ a place closer to the United States than Moscow ~ the bloodied carcass was ripped apart with its bones showing.

Several academics have suggested that the creature may be the decomposed corpse of a giant beaked whale.


Washed ashore: The creature appears to have been ripped apart by predators, leaving its bones exposed

The prehistoric looking animal has baffled scientists with its coat of fur appearing to set it apart from normal dolphins

Images on the Siberian Times website clearly show what appears to be thick long hair hanging off the creature’s remains, a characteristic that has puzzled marine biologists.

Nikolay Kim, deputy head of the Forecasting Department at the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, said he believed it to be ‘some big dolphin’.







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