R.I.P Chuppy : These Adorable Photos Will Always Remind Us Of Chuppy The Golden Retriever

Although Chuppy the majestic golden retriever passed away just week ago, his memory will live on in these beautiful pictures taken by his owner, Jessica Trinh. They are so popular that even rapper Snoop Dogg posted one of the photos on his Instagram.

All the pictures below were shot when Jessica was 17-18 years old, which goes to show just how talented this young photographer is.

Source: flickr.com | Instagram









Unfortunately, Chuppy died 10 days ago at the age of 7 due to an autoimmune disease. R.I.P Chuppy. These photos will always remind her of him.

“It has been hard the past few days but I am lucky to have someone so hard to say goodbye to.”


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