Powerfully Poetic Self-Portraits of a Former Dancer

Australian dancer-turned-photographer Ingrid Endel has used her camera as a creative outlet ever since her dancing career was cut short, after 12 years of training, due to repeated knee injuries. Thankfully, the young creative found a new passion for photography that allows her to incorporate her love of dance.

Endel’s powerfully poignant images exhibit a beautiful blend of darkness and light, reflecting the Brisbane-based photographer’s own situation as someone having to give up something she loves in order to discover a new source of joy. In addition to her own story, Endel’s photos are heavily inspired by nature and elegantly include floral motifs to create a dreamy, poetic milieu.

The self-proclaimed dreamer says, “I am a dancer at heart, and in constant search for meaning. I like to tell stories and take people on journeys. The unusual, the unspoken, movement, and the possibilities of the human body are just a few of my inspirations. Photography has allowed me to use my skills as a dancer to extend the boundaries of human expression.”

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