For most car enthusiasts, their ultimate dream car is something that does (or at least likely could) exist. But, for a few dreamers, the possibilities go beyond the possible to a place few people, if any had imagined. Which is exactly the case with this Pontiac Firebird TT concept by Kasim Tlibekov.

A digital artist and automotive designer from Russia, Tlibekov has gifted us with this absolutely stunning resto-mod styled drag race-friendly rendering of a Firebird that never was. You’ll notice its wide and low stance (perfect for tearing up the road a quarter-mile at a time), paired with a front splitter, a big rear-end spoiler, rear window louvers, a quad-exhaust, and unique side-view cameras (in lieu of mirrors). For now, this rendering will remain nothing more than a dream, but we hope it falls into the hands of a ballsy custom builder and maybe someday sees the light of day.






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