Parenting: No instructions included

That’s the credo of a Hoboken lifestyle photographer who is making a name shooting the anti-family portrait, showing instead the warts-and-all side of parenthood — even if it means Goldfish crackers all over the living room floor.

Danielle Guenther, a married mother of one, was inspired by her own trials as a parent of a 5-year-old son to eschew typical images of domestic perfection. She is now shooting familial bedlam, and the photos will really make you want to splurge on your Mother’s Day gift this year.
“It’s the moments that no one is touching on that is really honest,” says Guenther.

And in an era of social media, where doting mothers and fathers are able to artfully edit their tiny terrors to look like cherubs, Guenther’s work is refreshing.
“It’s a weird thing, but you are on Facebook and you’re seeing everyone’s perfect images. ‘Oh, he smiled.’ Click. It’s that slight second that you pray for as a parent, and most of the day is really just falling apart.”

Have a look through the pictures, personally I think they are really are a perfect representation of parenting.

More info: Danielle Guenther | Facebook

“Parenting is Exhausting…”










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