Nikita Klaestrup Is Denmark’s Hottest Politician

Denmark has blessed us with such beautiful women as Helena Christensen, Nina Agdal, Brigitte Nielsen (before VH1 got a hold of her), and…um…the Little Mermaid, so it’s no surprise that even their politicians are beautiful.

Nikita Klaestrup has become an Internet celebrity after a photo of her in a revealing dress went viral on Reddit. As it turns out, Nikita is a 20-year-old student at Copenhagen University who also works as a model and, most impressive of all, is a member of the conservative party’s youth branch. Basically, she’s an aspiring politician who is in a position to make contacts within her party to help her actually get elected to parliament when she outgrows the youth branch.

Check out the Nikita’s modeling photos below and keep up with her on Instagram while we try to figure out why our politicians don’t look this good. All we get is Paul Ryan workout photos showcasing his creepy, skinny legs.

























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