The Museum of Vintage Adult Toys

To get a glimpse of what your grandmother and your great grandmother used as pleasure toys back in their days, go visit The Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum in San Francisco. (Sorry, I just wanted to disturb your minds for a bit. Let’s start again.)

The museum, formerly known as the Good Vibrations sex store, contains antique pleasure toys dating from the 70s to as far back as the Victorian era. Considered as a “historical sexual treasure,” the museum was founded by Joani Blank. She collected most of these relics from donations from her customers whenever they stumbled upon these toys.

Though most of these toys look like home appliances/torture devices, many of them were actually designed to look like that in order to be discreet. I wish we could say the same for modern day pleasure toys that we accidentally discover in our mom’s drawer (Oops. There I go disturbing your mind again.)

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