Latest Samsung Galaxy Gear adverts remind us of iconic watches in TV and Film history

Everyone, who’s tech geek enough – get ready for an epic blast of nostalgia from Samsung’s latest commercials for the US market. Latest Galaxy Gear promo runs through the most iconic wrist-worn communication devices that movie and TV producers have ever provided on screens — spanning the full gamut from the Jetsons to Predator — and concludes with the imperious claim that “it’s finally real.” And the final touch for this advert is use of LCD soundsystem hit “Someone Great”.

Well… Before we watch it, let’s set some things straight for all fan boys of samsung or apple haters. Galaxy gear isn’t nothing new. Sony has released it’s smartwatch series successor Smartwatch 2 (sony smartwatch has been around for more than a year as accessory) and there’s plenty 3rd party “fish” in the smartwatches market pond + if someone can remember, there was also a prototype for a wristwatch that ran a “Linux” in the year 2000…. well this IBM project didn’t get so far – after two years of developing it was closed.

Let’s watch advert:

List of “superwatches” origin films:
Dick Tracy 1946
Jetsons 1962
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1993
Knight Rider 1982
Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot 1967
Inspector Gadget 1983
Predator 1987
Star Trek 1979

And here’s a second  pot, this time with actual scenes from the films and TV series that inspired the Galaxy Gear “evolution.”

As it goes for videos, those’re the best, after a raid of weird and off-the-wall Samsung’s recent commercials. But as far as adverts are great, that’s all, ’cause the device itself (as said in countless reviews) isn’t that bright: Battery life isn’t long enough,  it’s oversized, strap’s flexibility is limited somewhat by the integrated camera, Apps are limited in both quantity and quality, and in the end – the price is too-daammmn-high for this kind of tech piece. As a user of Sony smartphone i think: I should buy a Sony Smart Watch.

Source: Samsung Mobile

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