Ingredients to make Virtual band – Flume and 60 Intel tablets (no Gorillaz required?)

Well all of us knows at least one famous virtual band, and for sure everyone thinks: Gorillaz. But there are more (some of them less known, than others). Also you can’t name all of never ending  experiments, where robots and other automation included to make something, that’s someday ‘ll result in state of masterpiece (maybe). Let’s leave this matter for later discussions, ’cause to make following peace of art, there’s still human and tech included…. and, as in tittle stated, there won’t be any connection between this “virtual band” and well known animated characters.

Harley Streten (21)
began producing music around the age of thirteen,
with a basic production disc that was packaged in a box of cereal.
Streten was discovered and signed by Future Classic in 2011

All you need this time is an “peaking” wonder named “Flume” (Harley Streten) from Australia’s electronic music scene, bunch of Intel powered Tablets and some extra stuff (cables, lights, mini robot, etc). This (advert) project – named “Intelligent Sounds” and powered by Intel – comes right after Flume’s “Infinity Prism” tour, which by itself is amazing collaboration between artist, his label “Future Classic” and creative collective “Toby and Pete”. But, let’s head back to robots and music.  So to be precise – you need 60 Tablets. Now you collect all you need and lock yourself  with 2 of Australia’s Advert companies – “The Monkeys” (well it seems you can’t build a real virtual band without a gorilla or monkey somehow involved) and “Finch” up for 12 weeks, aaand here comes the result:

Behind the scenes:

Source: Intel

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