How to Grow Onions Vertically On The Windowsill

You can do a lot of dishes with onions, but even if you aren’t a fan of this vegetable, there is always room for a thin piece of onion to add a bit of flavor to the meal you just prepared for your family or friends. And most of the times, you have some onions in the kitchen but it’s not as fresh as you would want. A nice solution to this is growing your own onions. Don’t panic, you won’t need a garden, because you are growing it vertically on the windowsill. This way, you’ll save space and be green! Here is what you’ll need:

• 5 L plastic bottle;
• a pair of scissors;
• onion bulbs;
• soil;
• water;


Start with cut off the neck of the PET. Punch some holes in it, with the scissors. You then make sure the onion sprouts are positioned through the holes. Put layers of soil and sprouts, adding them until the bottle is full. You can add the neck back on (simply tape it around) or leave it like that. Water the soil and set it on your windowsill. In no time, onions will sprout out the bulbs, you can watch them grow, and eventually flavor your dishes with them. Enjoy!

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