Expensive Mercedes Covered In A Million Swarovski Crystals Looks Like A Mobile Disco Ball

21-year-old London-based business student Daria Radionova decided to up the value of her already expensive Mercedes CLS 350 (estimated at $90,000) by covering it in a million Swarovski crystals that cost about $30,000. Radionova says that workers traveled from Russia to install each shiny crystal, working 12-hour days over the course of 2 months. It sounds pretty crazy, but… it’s also kind of beautiful if you can afford that sort of luxury.

Radionova is currently enjoying cruising around with her attention-grabbing vehicle but says that when the day comes for her to sell the car, she plans on donating the money to charity.

You can follow Radionova on Instagram, where she’s bound to share more images of her sparkly ride.

H/t: AplusDaily Mail

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