Don’t sit down ’cause… DRM Chair self-destructs after 8 uses

In old days, when someone throws a party, and everyone takes heir places, it was quite a prank to move a chair before someone sits on it. I think those guys who made this awkward self-destructing Chair was inspiring their work from this old-day joke. But anyway, here it is: DRM Chair that self-destructs after 8 uses.

In one hand this project can sound silly, but in other hand it’s more than just chair. Creators of this odd chair is “Les Sugus” – team of students at ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne) who submited this “creature” as an entry for The Deconstruction 48h workshop.

Team – Les Sugus

DRM Chair is equipped with a small sensor, which detects when someone sits and decrements a counter. after someone, who took a seat stands up, the chair gives a signal how many uses are left.  After sensor detects  8 uses (user stands up), the self-destruct system is turned on and the structural joints of the chair are melted.

Watch how it works:

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/60475086]

And read more about this project here

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