Do you know what Google knows about you?

If you use any of Google services, and didn’t set any of privacy, you should know that Google already knows a lot about you. For instance, knows the history of your movement, search hits on Youtube videos etc. Track these 7 sites where you can check out what Google knows about you!


1. Check the informations that Google collects about you for better determination of AdSense ads that will be displayed on the websites. Checkout:

Google also collects informations about your activities on the sites to show more accurate data in the tool – “Google Analytics“.

2. Look for your location history. Yes, Google knows that too! Google remembers the history of your movement with portable devices. How to check the history of the movement, delete and stop video recording, to see the places Google know about you check this link:

And if you want to disable location, visit next url:

3. Look at the history of your searches on Google

4. Here you can see the privacy settings and security for your Google Account

5. Find all the applications that have access to some data to your Google profile

6. Save all your data accounts through simple steps

7. Google also keeps a history of activity on the Youtube channel

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