Designers Turn Female Condoms Into Fashionable Dresses

To raise awareness for the female condom, global health organization PATH put together a rather unique fashion show last year.

Using female condoms, designers were invited to create and showcase their very own ‘protective’ dress.

“Global Female Condom Day was in September, so last year we decided to riff on this fashion idea and to encourage people in the Seattle area to design female condom outfits and enter and model in our fashion show,” said Kimberly Whipkey, head of advocacy and communications for the female condom project.

“We were blown away by people’s interpretations,” Whipkey added. “Some people were coming down on the disease angle, others were like, ‘I’m totally going to glam this up’. There was one baby blue chiffon dress that looked like it was ready to go to a ball.”

[via Fast Co.Exist]

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