Designer imagines a more efficient package for your Big Mac

Based in London, one of Robert Bye’s graduate student projects has got him re-thinking the Big Mac packaging of McDonald’s.

Bye examined McDonald’s current packaging and found that taking out was a hassle as the drink would condense in a paper bag—the fact that the current packaging made up 15% of the weight carried was also a big no-no.

With this in mind, the designer sought to create a renewable, lightweight packaging which allowed the user to carry all components of a Big Mac meal in one.

The designer’s improved packaging works with the basic shape of the box which contains a Big Mac, but has an extended paper cup holder attached to it.

The top half of the box also makes good use of space and contains the fries, with a flap for easy access.

With this new solution, it isn’t even necessary to put all three components together in a brown bag as it’s easier to carry all of it with one hand.

Scroll down to see how he came up with this ingenious idea.

via Robert Bye

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