Classic Porsche 550 by Additive Studios

Icons embody certain qualities that represent something else of greater significance through literal or figurative meaning, from a bottle of Coca Cola, the red tab on a pair of Levi’s to the smooth lines and timeless headlights of a Porsche. Today on Abduzeedo we bring you a stunning gallery featuring a vintage 3D render of a Porsche 550 Spider. This beautiful icon has maintained its longevity and design integrity over the years, evolving ever so slightly to deliver each new generation the Porsche it dreamed. I grew up in Brazil driving around in my dad’s VW Beetle born from the same designer, Ferdinand Porsche, and have always had an obsession with the design of this car. One day I’ll own one but for now I can only post about my dream car and channel my inner Hank Moody.

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  1. These are beautiful. Do you have them at higher resolutions, possibly even suitable for printing at as a poster? I would be interested in purchasing if so. Thanks for your consideration.

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