What Kind Of Student Are You?

They always say school & college are the best years of your life. Those years played a major role in defining you as a person later in life – So lets find out what kind of student you were/are?

Short test can determine how old you really are inside

Your life has only just started, but you already feel like you have a lifetime of experience and nothing can surprise you. Or perhaps you turned 30 (or 40, or 50) a long time ago already, but everyday you still feel that enthusiasm you had when you were young. So how old are you really, in your mind? This test will let you find out.

Just don’t take the answers too seriously!


Could You Survive In The Wild?


Many of us love nature – but how many of us could truly survive in the outdoors left to our own devices? Find out if you’ll conquer the wilderness, or end up tripping on shrooms n’ berries!