Best Girlfriend Texts Ever

These girlfriends took texting to a whole different level!

#1 Best Birthday Present Ever

Not everyone is open to adding a friend to the bedroom, but this girlfriend wins all the awards.

#2 Virtual Kisses For You Now..

Is this guy serious? Dude you may think this, BUT never say it! Besides having an iPhone means virtual and REAL roses are now required if you want REAL kisses..

#3 Sexting Please?

She’s not putting out, NOT on the phone anyways. Don’t you know? There’s nothing sexier than the real thing.

#4 Sending Dirty Pic..

She knows how to give what he asks for and still get her way. Inspiration lost, he’s sad.

#5 Getting Horny

Sometimes girlfriends don’t “get” sexting, AND besides some gals may not want you to see them with spotty pimple medicine on their nights alone. Imagination is all that’s needed in the dark.

#6 While He’s Away..

Dilemna: don’t want your guy surfing porn and yet you don’t care to sext with him? Better show him a sexier bra next time? Nope, not quite..

#7 Fort Building!

The first thing on your mind is sex, and the first thing on her mind is fort making? How old is she?..

#8 Breaking-Up

Why do people prefer breaking up over text? Try saying this to your ex while in person, right?

#9 Rekindling Nerd Love

Is this couple too young to get married? But three years is a long time to be apart? Nerds are confusing..

#10 Broke-up & Getting Even

Why text your old flame, unless you have brilliant poem for him to make YOU feel better?

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