Beautifully Vivid Landscapes Featuring the Golden Gate Bridge

Photographer Ali Ertürk has been capturing the striking beauty of a variety of landmarks since 2006. Based in San Francisco, the talented artist has specifically focused much of his attention on the Golden Gate Bridge, the massive, bright red suspension bridge in California that spans almost two miles long.

Ertürk documents the popular landmark with a fresh and unique perspective, showing it stretching across the Golden Gate strait and peaking through the clouds high above. Viewers can check out the bright structure from every angle as it dominates the skyline of the surrounding city.

The photographer uses long exposures, and sometimes layers multiple shots together, to capture the motion of cars speeding by, the fog rolling in, and a stunning galaxy of stars overhead. He achieves the rich, saturated colors through HDR techniques that result in the high range of rich and vivid colors.












Ali Ertürk’s website

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