Beautiful Inked Alternative Model From Germany – Triz Täss

Triz Täss is a beautiful alternative photography model from Germany. I thought the best way to know more about her is to ask herself.

I was born on the 8th of september in the north of germany, lived there all my life. When i was 18 a photographer discovered me on a party and did a first spontaneous shooting. I liked what i did there. So i decided to join a german model page and soon photographers found out about my talent. I’m happy that i can work the most professionel and best photographers in germany now. I love to do rock’n’roll, surreal stuff, action shootings, fashion for latex trashy and emotive or provokative n*de art, but i clearly distance myself from p*rn art. I stand up for the right to look how you want and the right for women to dress how they want. for me it’s important that n*dity is not always an expression of wanting s*x or pleasing anyone, it’s an expression of how you are and that you’re proud and free.

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