Awesome Urban Fidelity Speakers by Josh Ray

Speakers for the new generation of hi-fi. Featuring fresh indie artwork, fantastic sound and eco-friendly construction. Made in LA.

A bright light in a world of black speaker boxes. Urban Fidelity’s™ new patent pending speakers are unlike anything else in the world of hi-fi.

 Urban Fidelity™ Art Speakers combine great artwork, fantastic sound, obsessive quality, and non-toxic construction in a reasonably priced package. All made locally in Los Angeles.

We’ve completed all prototypes and patents, sourced all custom designed components, as well as hand picked exciting artwork. Now we need your help to bring the Urban Fidelity Speakers to production!

Art by Liam Brazier
Audio + Art, together at last. At Urban Fidelity™, we believe loudspeakers should be as unique as the music they play. That’s why we’ve turned to innovative indie artists for artwork to adorn our speakers. Urban Fidelity™ features artists like Liam Brazier, Craig Watkins (wotto), Herman Lee, Daniel Teixeria, Hyein Lee, Tobe Fonseca, Wojtek Polak (Akuma101), Maxime Archambault and more.

We consider these artists part of our family, so a very generous portion of each speaker sale will go directly to the featured artist.

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